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The MOBINA Group is a leading Holding company established over 15 years ago with international operations focusing on diverse segments such as international trade, infrastructural investment, industrial and technological services and executing of the projects in the form of EPC in the various fields as well as finance services. The Holding, is managed and lead by Mr. Mohammad Reza Izadbin, as chairman and Dr. S. J. Mousavinia as Vice Chairman , currently controls a number of established subsidiaries specialized in numerous sectors and involving in many national and regional projects, of which selected companies include:

• Mobina Oil & Gas: involving in the investment and development of the operational and logistical programs related to this ambitious Projects in Oil and Gas and refinery projects in Iran, Asia, Europe (Rotterdam, Netherlands,) and Africa in the context of a Joint Venture with the NIOC and NIGC. MOBINA Group has been currently working to secure know how through experienced companies worldwide in the fields of infrastructure development, the construction of fuel depots and storage, the building of LNG terminals in the main gas resources in south of Iran, accomplishing and executing of LPG transferring to the all cities need LPG by LPG ISO Tank containers and transforming LNG pipelines by executing of the projects related to Iran infrastructure investment programs in all provinces of Iran and some neighbor countries.
• Mobina Road & Construction: specialized in accomplishing and executing of the freeway, road, railway projects in the form of engineering, procurement, construction and finance (EPCF) and investment in high tech construction of residential, commercial complex buildings construction, hospital and hotel construction and civil engineering projects in Iran for public and state national projects and private section and by joint venture with reliable and professional companies in the relevant projects for other countries in the form of EPCF.
• Mobina Energy: Executing and accomplishing the construction of solar, wind and gas based power plants projects with the basis of the high tech and quality management and also construction of dams in different provinces of Iran and neighbor countries and investing in innovation opportunities and technology for new energies well adapting with environment or green energy projects in Iran and by joint venture with reliable and professional companies in the relevant projects in other countries in the form of EPCF.
• Mobina Vision: IT and High Tech specialist in the Middle East with over 20 deployed automation software packages in different fields with clients in the public and private sectors across 5 continents.
• Mobina Teb (Medicine): Import and export, distributing of medicines, medical and hospital equipments and construction projects of clinics and hospital in Iran and other countries.
• Mobina Petrosanaat: manufacturing of all types of industrial and commercial paints and special industrial materials and transaction, import and export relevant industrial goods and products in domestic and foreign markets.
• Mobina Gold: import and export of gold bullion and finished gold and jewelry products and manufacturing gold medals and coins in our owned factory and distributing in Iran and foreign markets and development program to have joint venture and investment cooperation with reliable and professional companies in gold mining and the relevant gold and jewelry products manufacturing projects in Iran and other countries.

• Mobina Door: active in field of security equipments for institutional and private clients and producing and supplying of needed equipments for our executing projects in our other subsidiaries and exporting our products to other markets.
• Mobina Azmoun Tajhiz (Mobina Lab Co.): active in the fields of laboratory, research and development (R&D) necessary for the projects executing by Mobina Group’s subsidiaries and joint venture with reliable foreign companies working in the same fields.
Mobina Group has experience for two decades in various activities, in the beginning the group was only concentrated on two major fields such as International Trades and Financial Services.
Hence rules and business infrastructure in UAE was evaluated more prosperous and prone rather than other countries in Middle East, And due to the characteristics of Mobina activities, our first branch was located in Dubai/UAE.

Today Mobina Group activities expanded in several industries and business fields.
Mission & Vision
The Mobina Group has expanded rapidly and we make no secret of our desire to continue expanding beyond these 15 consecutive years of growth and success.
We are very open about our desire to become more active in the European and Eastern European regions. We have made significant progress both through the establishment of our London branch in 2007 and our active operations through-out several Eastern European states.

Our immediate priority is to establish Mobina in these regions so our name, and the quality of services we provide, is recognised as readily throughout Europe as it is in other key global areas.
We at all times remain committed to our ethos - ensuring that our staff, clients and partners alike receive the very best service and are treated fairly and honourably.
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