No. 306, Sepehr saie Tower, Valiasr Ave, Tehran, IRAN

Head Office +982188720878

About Mobina Group

Mobina Group has experience for two decades in various activities

Mobina Group is an independent holding company, formed in 2001 as a general trading company. Mobina Group was engaged in a variety of businesses, when it began its current operations as an independent parent company. Headquarter of stated company is in Tehran. In fact, it is one of the largest Iran's leading investment companies.

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Chairman's Message

I am delighted to write this message, while reflecting on 15 years of successful business. When we founded what ultimately became Mobina Group, we never dared to dream that we would have enjoyed such phenomenal success in so short a time. I am so proud of what Mobina has achieved and the sheer breadth of activities we have been actively engaged in....

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1. Financial and Investment

  Invest on feasible projects

Offer Financial services 

2. Industrial 

  Solution making for different industries

Security system for industries 

3. Metals 

  Trading Steel Metals

Producing Gold Metals 

4. Transportation 

  Road and Construction 

5. Medical 

  Specialized medical equipment

Medical consuming goods


We Are Proud to Say, Mobina Group is Your Best Personal Financial Advisor.

  • MobinaGold


    Mobina Gold Alchemic manufacturerstarted 2011 producing Gold &Jewelry with highest quality.

  • MobinaWood


    Coming Soon....

  • MobinaRoad


    Mobina Road main activity isdeploying road construction &civil related projects& implementation.

  • MobinaOil


    Coming Soon....

  • MobinaTeb


    MobinaTeb was established to tradespecialized medical equipment andretail consumergoods.

  • MobinaVision


    Mobina Vision is an Informationtechnology based company andoffers total solution at any scale.

  • MobinaEnergy


    Mobina Energy is creating powerplants 1 KW up to 100 KW and allrelating finances accrued.

  • MobinaPetrosanaat


    MobinaPetrosanaatis a manufacturingall type of paint for reasons such asindustrial or commercial.

  • MobinaFood


    Coming Soon....

  • Mobinaes


    Coming Soon....

  • Diginaft


    Online shopping development